Upgrade To 360Monk

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What You Get

All upgrades for free

Get all current and future upgrades for free.

Free T-Shirt on yearly subscription

Get a TeliportMe special edition t-shirt.

Get unique subdomain

Get username.teliportme.com subdomain for featuring panoramas.

Get featured on our website

You'll be featured on TeliportMe.com.

Unlock paid content for free

We have special content just for subscribers.

A golden border to the profile picture

Get these awesome halo around your profile picture.

No ads for you

You'll never see any ads on any of our platforms.

What You Give

Monthly Yearly
Why upgrade to 360Monk?

This is exclusive i.e only 2000 users can upgrade to become a Monk. As the creators of this app, we are constantly being asked by our users how they can support us financially. Borrowing the idea from Kickstarter, we decided to create this exclusive upgrade only for your backers.

Panorama 360 is built by the hardwork of 10 engineers and designers that are working full time. Our monthly expense is $10,000 USD including salaries, having your support would go a long way in building this product into something that will last for a long time to provide support and value to our community.

What do you get by upgrading?

Firstly, you get to support our efforts and be part of an exclusive group of users who get the inside scoop of what we are building, how we are building the product, our timelines and sneak peak into our future updates.

As long as you're subscribed you'll be able to access all in-app upgrades for free. We also provide you with a unique subdomain username.teliportme.com, an ad free browsing experience on all platforms and many more features. You'll be also be recognized as a supporter because of a yello "halo" around your profile pic once you upgrade to Monk. This list of features will keep increasing over time and will always be available for the same monthly subscription.

PS: Did I mention amazing T-shirts for anyone who buys a yearly subscription :)

5$ monthly subscription upgrade seems expensive?

We work on coffee and passion, while we have a lot of passion we need to pay for our coffee. This is the reason we are pricing the monthly subscription as either one or two cups of large Starbucks coffee in the US. We will send you photos of our team members drinking coffee once a month as part of our gratitude with special information on each of them.

Why a monthly subscription and not a one time payment?

The bad thing about in-app upgrades is that we are forced to provide a diluted version of the app to a huge set of users and force people to buy inapp purchases like most modern games do. We think that is a shitty way to build a great product, by adding a subscription model it provides our team with repeatable revenue and also helps us create a great supportive community that wants to see us succeed. If you want to support us in anyother way, email us : 360@teliportme.com and we can work something out.