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About Us

TeliportMe is a technology company that focuses on bringing phenomenally talented technologists, product designers and storytellers together to build products that help inspire and connect people to the world and each other. The tools and spaces we build are at the intersection of mobile photography, image processing and travel aiming to create a world of good.

Founded in May 2010, we launched Panorama360 on Android with a focus on capturing and sharing immersive content of a place using your smart phone. Today we are the largest community with over 7Million explorers who have captured and shared 360 degree immersive panoramic content in over 120 countries including the world's remote places like Antarctica, the Arctic region, the Amazon jungle and Iceland. Panorama360 has enabled TeliportMe to become the second largest mobile first travel community in the world.

Early 2015, we launched a small project Pluto (available only on iOS) built for creators who are tired with standard filters to augment photos and wanted to create views of the world using abstract ideas, image distortions, colors and perspectives to make it their own personal art. Pluto is a unique space we believe that creators need to let their creativity out and slowly this community has grown into something that has captured the imagination of this very niche set of users and will become the go to place to find abstract art.

Currently we are focused on fostering the vibrant community of explorers we have by building additional tools to improve how they can share and interact with each other more meaningfully.


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